Company Outline

JRC commenced business in April 1995 as a joint venture between Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) and Royal Co., Ltd., a well-established company in the food service industry. We prepare inflight meals at Narita International Airport (Narita Airport) and Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport).
Our motto is "safe and high-quality inflight meals." Our menus always include specialties of the season, so you can enjoy delicious meals even while you are flying.

Company Outline

Company name JAL Royal Catering Co., Ltd.
Founded January 16, 1992
Headquarters 1-720,Aza-Goryobokujo, Sanrizuka, Narita-shi, Chiba, 286-0111 Japan
Main Phone Number Tel: 0476-32-1311
Fax: 0476-32-1332
President and Representative Director Daiji Nagai
Senior Executive Vice President Takeo Harano
Executive Vice President Genichi Imamura
Capital 2,700 million yen
Shareholders Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (51%), Royal Holdings Co., Ltd. (49%)
Business activities
  • Preparation and delivery of inflight meals
  • Warehousing related to the above
  • Sales of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, etc.
Contracted airlines Japan Airlines (JAL) international flights
Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA)
Number of meals produced Narita site: 9,000 meals; Haneda site: 7,000 meals (*)
Number of flights served Narita site: 30 flights/day; Haneda site: 22 flights/day (*)
Employees 590 (*)

(*) Figures correct as of August 1, 2020

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart


January 1992 JAL Royal Catering Co., Ltd. founded
April 1995 Narita Plant opened
Started supplying inflight meals to Japan Airlines (JAL) at Narita Airport
March 2014 Haneda Plant opened
Started supplying inflight meals to Japan Airlines (JAL) at Haneda Airport
April 2017 Started supplying inflight meals for crew to Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) at Narita Airport


Environmental conservation

We try to operate in an environmentally friendly way as far as possible, to protect the global environment.
The processes involved in the production of inflight meals, and the washing of tableware and cutlery, use large quantities of water. We have introduced a "BioRun System" of waste-water treatment at both of our factories, so that our waste water is as clean as possible.

This is a natural purification system in which contaminants are decomposed directly by artificially activating the natural purification action of microorganisms like bacteria that exist in nature.
This allows wastewater from food factories to be processed in an environmentally friendly way, without using any chemicals.

Community Action

We want to be part of the local community, so we are actively involved in these community action projects with the JAL Group.

Narita Station Area Cleanup Project

The JAL Group participates in the monthly Narita Station Area Cleanup Project, organized by Chiba Prefecture, Narita City Office and Narita Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With garbage bags in hand, dressed in traditional Japanese happi coats featuring JAL branding, our staff help to keep the city tidy.

Tomisato Watermelon Road Race

Tomisato Watermelon Road Race

Several of our staff volunteer at the "Tomisato Watermelon Road Race" event held every May in the city of Tomisato, Chiba Prefecture. At this unique running event, runners fuel up with locally grown watermelon at the final refreshment station, and can help themselves to more watermelon after finishing the race.