Delivering the ultimate flight
experience through inflight dining

Welcome to the three-star restaurant in the sky


Our motto is "safe and high-quality inflight meals." We aim for customer satisfaction through "food," which is one of the key aspects for an airline in delivering a top-class service.


Preparation of Inflight Meals for International Flights

We use the finest ingredients, sourced from Japan and around the world, to prepare a variety of menus for each flight class and route.

Loading of Meals onto Aircraft

Helping cabin crew to serve meals more smoothly We transport inflight meals,inflight service items and inflight shopping products to the aircraft by catering trucks.

Planning & Development

Such as our own menu development, inflight meal consulting for overseas base and so on, we are researching cooking methods to bring restaurant flavors to inflight meals, where the conditions are different.


We take a wide range of stringent measures to supply safe,
reliable and satisfying inflight meals to our customers.

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